Do We Really Need Colon-Cleansers to Maintain Good Health?

A new product being promoted by wellness proponents are colon-cleansers that help rid the colon walls of waste build ups, which produce disease-causing toxins. Manufacturers of colon cleansers claim that such toxins can enter the bloodstream, which over time,will lead to several symptoms like bloating, skin rashes, fatigue and even weight gain. Yet most of these claims have been debunked by a study review focused on commercial colon cleanser products. Not a few also contend that cleansing can be achieved naturally, by way of high fiber diets.

Colon cleansers are also recommended for people dealing with constipation problems as they usually act as laxative, taken in supplement form. Some others say medical practitioners recommend colon cleansers as preparation for a colonoscopy, if other traditional cleansing preparations like colon hydrotherapy do not work.

Others also recommend colon cleansers as a weight loss supplement, as most users feel the need to constantly flush out intakes as soon as they consume food.

While there is no doubt that these colon cleansing products are effective methods of removing colon wastes and the purported toxins, many believe that this is something that high-fiber diets can also do. As a matter of fact, there’s a gut supplement named colon broom that can do more than just cleanse the colon.

Colon Broom is actually a dietary fiber supplement made from natural ingredients that serve not just to remove colon wastes. It also supports digestive health by helping in the regulation of blood sugar levels. As a dietary fiber supplement, its active ingredients solve constipation problems by regulating bowel movement.

Medical Researchers Debunk Health Benefit Claims of Commercial Colon Cleansers

Medical researchers conducted a study review about the claims of colon cleanser manufacturers pertaining to the benefits of these products. The findings arrived at a conclusion that no meticulous study lends support to recommendations of practicing colon-cleansing if to maintain or improve general health.

Details of the review were printed in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, in which contentions include the absence of studies that measured the level of efficiency achieved in the removal of toxins. Moreover, cleansing product claims rarely mention the specific toxins eliminated out of the body. Also, references to health benefits are not supported by demonstrated evidence.

Claims that colon cleansing can help a person lose weight was also debunked. The study authors explained that any resulting loss of weight due to frequent bowel movements are temporary. Chiefly because the weight loss is related to water and waste removal and not necessarily resulting in permanent removal of fat in adipose tissues. While some are inclined to believe the results presented by the weighing scale are proof that colon cleansers work, such results are not for long-term.

The best way to maintain a good outlet for our wastes is to avoid poor dietary choices, have enough sleep, and find natural and immediate remedy for life’s simple stresses.

Why Use Healthy Cosmetic Glitter

Most people use cosmetic products on a daily basis, whether it’s an aftershave for men or face cream for women or just classic products like make-up or foundation.

But do you actually know what ingredients are in those products that you use every day and that your body absorbs every day? Conventional cosmetic products often contain substances that can cause problems. These include parabens, silicones, fragrances, and microplastics to name just some. None of these ingredients is intensely life-threatening. However, the environment and people can suffer from them in the long term.

Why should you use health cosmetic glitter?

Better for health

You can find many different cosmetic and body care products. From shower gels and shampoos to creams and lotions to deodorants and make-up. Most people who maintain at least a normal level of personal hygiene use many different products on a daily basis. All of these products can contain health-problematic ingredients that can pass through the skin and even into the bloodstream.

Since natural cosmetic glitter does not contain harmful substances, you do not expose yourself to this risk when using products with a natural cosmetics seal.

Better for the environment

Microplastics are becoming a bigger and bigger problem because these tiny plastic particles are getting everywhere due to their small size. In the meantime, microplastics have also been detected in groundwater or various animal products such as milk or honey.

Microplastics can be found in many scrubs or dental care products, but also in glitter. The use of microplastics in natural cosmetics is prohibited. You are not only doing nature a favour, but also your health in the long term.

Good for skin and haircosmetic glitter

Perhaps you have already experienced that natural cosmetic cleaning products foam less. Many people then feel less clean, which is why they switch back to conventional products. But there is a reason. Conventional products contain many foaming chemical ingredients. These make for a great lather, but not much else. In fact, natural cosmetic products are often gentler on skin and hair, precisely because of the lack of these substances. What foams a lot usually also dries out a lot. The fine foam washes away even the last bit of the protective layer of fat on your skin, which can irritate you in the long term.

Natural cosmetics are good for the environment and your own health. Because the market has grown so rapidly worldwide lately, there is a wide range of products in all price ranges and for all skin types. Furthermore, natural cosmetics are becoming more and more similar to conventional cosmetics in terms of consistency, appearance and application, but without the negative consequences.

The Commercial Side of Being a Dentist



48,180 hours or 2,007.5 days or 5.5 years or 5 semesters of pre-clinic, 5 semesters of the clinic, and 1 semester of state examination – that’s how long the dentistry studies last. Anyone who has achieved this feels like a king afterward and thinks: now the (dentist) life finally really starts. After the residency (another 2 years) or an additional specialist training (e.g. another 4 years as an orthodontist), you are mainly looking forward to finally being able to start your own business. And if you want to learn more about a successful dental practice, click here.

The leap into self-employment

Dr. Juliane Becker: For me, it has always been a dream to run my practice. After our move to the south and several letters of initiative to existing practices, I was able to take over my desired practice. From the first consultation to the 1st working day in my practice, it took exactly 6 months. A good structure in the background and targeted processing of checklists helped me to ensure that everything went smoothly with the handover in the end.

Dr. Schamiem Stumpfe: For me, a reverie suddenly became reality. Somehow I had already spent far too much money on consultants and the like to be able to retreat again. After a lot of planning, work, sweat, and tears, I stood in my practice on 9.12.2019. Although it was not yet completely painted and the floor covering was not yet completely laid out, I just thought: Finally I can concentrate completely on my job as an orthodontist.

Arriving in reality: Or why it’s not enough to just be a dentist

And what does our reality look like in practice?

A day in your practice could sometimes have more than 24 hours. While the helpers are preparing the consultation, we are already receiving the first problems when entering the practice rooms: “Dr., the lamp is not working, the sterilizer is rustling, the dental unit is leaking, the trainee is sick”. And, oh yes, the article for the newspaper, which had been so firmly planted, is still missing! So before you swing the drill on the patient, you spend a lot of time looking for any light bulbs, reorganizing the assistance, or making phone calls to clarify the new marketing strategy or even with the bank.


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Dentist, craftswoman, personnel manager…

And when the first patients finally come in and promptly walk through a puddle, the dentist discovers completely new abilities in herself, namely as a craftswoman!

Or have you ever heard of O-rings? No, we don’t mean the earrings that you can put in your ear. We mean the root of all evil in dental practice! Does the dental unit leak? The sterilizer whistles? The contra-angle handpiece does not rotate? The O-rings are always to blame! If someone had told us what that was during our studies, we would have saved ourselves many phone calls and costs. That’s why one of the most important tips for your practice is: You must always have O-ring grease and replacement O-rings in practice! These small sealing rings solve 90% of the technical problems.

While you are treating patients, you will again notice this one bare wall that you look at every day. Is this how you imagined your own (chic or cozy) practice? Certainly not. Do you get a master painter organized promptly who solves the problem quickly and according to your ideas? No, of course not! So your skills are also in demand here. After the way to the hardware store, you spend the next few nights redesigning the practice rooms. To finally be able to pursue the actual work as a dentist during the day.

Now also HR Manager…

The most difficult topic in one’s practice, however, is Recruitment! After all, that’s what everyone tells you even before the practice is founded. But you only believe it when you have experienced it yourself! Have you already found a staff that suits you and embodies what the practice embodies? Then hold it well with both hands! You can be happy if the applicant shows up for the interview at all. Believe us: Most of your grey hair will grow when it comes to personnel.

And where is the work-life balance?

The biggest challenge with your practice is: To take time for yourself! Especially in the first year of self-employment, everything in the mind and life feels like everything revolves around the practice. It is often forgotten that at home there may also be a husband and children waiting who do not only want to talk about the practice.

In retrospect, you realize that the weekends should eventually serve the recovery again and you must never lose focus on your health. Self and constantly it hits again and again, but please not at any price.


You have to grow into the challenge of being a good dentist and at the same time a role model and boss for the employees, entrepreneur, and at the same time wife and mother. If you accompany everything with joy and vocation, it is only a snap to keep the daily smile.


Tips to make Big Sale on Steroids Canada Online

Selling steroids Canada online isn’t easy. Not only do you have to find a way to get your product to customers, but you also have to convince them to buy. So how do you sell steroids online successfully? What you have to do initially is know the competition. You won’t be successful by just selling anything, and that’s especially the case if you’re selling an illegal substance like anabolic steroids. So, what do you need to know about selling steroids online? Keep reading to find out.

Decide if Selling Steroid Online is Right for You

Think about why you want to sell steroids online. Are you trying to boost your health and fitness? Be honest here. Do you just want money? There are tons of benefits that come with selling steroids online, but you’ll have to choose which ones are most important to you.

If you want to sell to support your family, that’s great, too. With that said, there are some important things to consider before deciding if this is right for you. First, you need to make sure you’re legally allowed to sell steroids online. Some states have laws that make it illegal to sell anabolic steroids online, even if you don’t buy them from a local retailer. So, check your state’s laws before you get started. Next, you have to be ready to deal with customers.

Getting orders and fulfilling orders can be a lot of work. You have to be prepared to spend a lot of time researching products, creating customized supplies, and writing customer reviews. If you don’t enjoy these things, this won’t work for you.

Create a Compelling Product Listing

The first step when it comes to selling steroids online is to create a compelling product listing. This will help you stand out from other sellers, as well as give you a better idea of what you should sell. You can create a listing for your steroid company or make a listing for each steroid you sell. You want to choose a name for your listing that is catchy, easy to remember, and doesn’t make your listing sound generic.

Component of Health E-Commerce Supply Chain

Consumers are taking control of their health. More people are taking charge of their well-being and seeking ways to live better lives.

This proactive approach means that instead of addressing a sickness or damage after it has developed, consumers will actively seek out products that can help them avoid it. An eye-opening circumstance like COVID-19 is prompting customers to seek solutions in a multitude of types. From nutritious food ideas and fitness videos to wellness items or solutions – all aim to encourage healthier living.

If you own a health and wellness firm, you must be prepared to meet and surpass these clients’ expectations through digital commerce-driven experiences. To do so, you must first determine your current position in the distribution chain.


As an e-retailer, it is important to concentrate on your customers’ expectations and how they could be looking for new content or items that aren’t currently available. After that, identify opportunities to integrate these into future buying experiences to enhance your brand through your customer experience.


The distributor in the health industry should prepare to add new eCommerce tools that enable you to categorize and tailor content based on the enterprises that validate on your website. It will give relevant content to the right personas, increasing brand loyalty and value.


It’s vital to keep ahead of the curve as someone at the pinnacle of the supply chain with a sense of what consumers want and which current and innovative trends are rising.

Health Advantages of Steroid Source

The use of steroids and doping regularly makes the headlines. But not only high-performance athletes take the drug, amateur athletes also see the advantages of steroids and want to have them in their lives.

Benefits of Canadian Steroid Source

Canadian Steroid Source

The benefits clearly come from the results that steroids produce. Are you bulging Arnold Schwarzenegger? Definitely, it is no longer an unfulfillable and unattainable dream. But first, know how drug actually works. Anabolic steroids promote protein biosynthesis in your muscles. But that doesn’t mean you grow muscle while you sleep. On the contrary, particularly intensive training is definitely still necessary. Only the results will come much faster than if you don’t take steroids. But you certainly won’t get muscles for free by taking it.

You take Canadian Steroid Source substances that accelerate processes in your body in order to get muscles faster. You still have to train intensively, but everything is going faster than before.

By-products of Canadian Steroid Source

Unfortunately, the side effects of steroids are not without their consequences. First of all, you will have to struggle with acne, which not only could dampen your self-confidence, but which can also really hurt at times. But that is only a small part of the side effects that you could still face. In fact, your desire for sexual intercourse will be greatly reduced, possibly even going to zero.  Your heart and your liver are also negatively affected.

Canadian Steroid Source: Is it worth taking?

Whether or not you take steroids is probably your own personal choice. In some countries, however, it is illegal to sell anabolic steroids and taking them is also frowned upon, but it is a gray area. But ask yourself, is it really worth trading your skin, liver, heart, essence, and fertility for muscles you still have to work for? And you may also ask yourself, where does the desire to have such big muscles come from? Who do you want to prove something to? Is it for you, or do you tell yourself that once you have the muscles you see on TV, your life will really start? Eat a balanced, healthy diet, train hard and you will see results.