Do We Really Need Colon-Cleansers to Maintain Good Health?

A new product being promoted by wellness proponents are colon-cleansers that help rid the colon walls of waste build ups, which produce disease-causing toxins. Manufacturers of colon cleansers claim that such toxins can enter the bloodstream, which over time,will lead to several symptoms like bloating, skin rashes, fatigue and even weight gain. Yet most of these claims have been debunked by a study review focused on commercial colon cleanser products. Not a few also contend that cleansing can be achieved naturally, by way of high fiber diets.

Colon cleansers are also recommended for people dealing with constipation problems as they usually act as laxative, taken in supplement form. Some others say medical practitioners recommend colon cleansers as preparation for a colonoscopy, if other traditional cleansing preparations like colon hydrotherapy do not work.

Others also recommend colon cleansers as a weight loss supplement, as most users feel the need to constantly flush out intakes as soon as they consume food.

While there is no doubt that these colon cleansing products are effective methods of removing colon wastes and the purported toxins, many believe that this is something that high-fiber diets can also do. As a matter of fact, there’s a gut supplement named colon broom that can do more than just cleanse the colon.

Colon Broom is actually a dietary fiber supplement made from natural ingredients that serve not just to remove colon wastes. It also supports digestive health by helping in the regulation of blood sugar levels. As a dietary fiber supplement, its active ingredients solve constipation problems by regulating bowel movement.

Medical Researchers Debunk Health Benefit Claims of Commercial Colon Cleansers

Medical researchers conducted a study review about the claims of colon cleanser manufacturers pertaining to the benefits of these products. The findings arrived at a conclusion that no meticulous study lends support to recommendations of practicing colon-cleansing if to maintain or improve general health.

Details of the review were printed in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, in which contentions include the absence of studies that measured the level of efficiency achieved in the removal of toxins. Moreover, cleansing product claims rarely mention the specific toxins eliminated out of the body. Also, references to health benefits are not supported by demonstrated evidence.

Claims that colon cleansing can help a person lose weight was also debunked. The study authors explained that any resulting loss of weight due to frequent bowel movements are temporary. Chiefly because the weight loss is related to water and waste removal and not necessarily resulting in permanent removal of fat in adipose tissues. While some are inclined to believe the results presented by the weighing scale are proof that colon cleansers work, such results are not for long-term.

The best way to maintain a good outlet for our wastes is to avoid poor dietary choices, have enough sleep, and find natural and immediate remedy for life’s simple stresses.