Why Use Healthy Cosmetic Glitter

Most people use cosmetic products on a daily basis, whether it’s an aftershave for men or face cream for women or just classic products like make-up or foundation.

But do you actually know what ingredients are in those products that you use every day and that your body absorbs every day? Conventional cosmetic products often contain substances that can cause problems. These include parabens, silicones, fragrances, and microplastics to name just some. None of these ingredients is intensely life-threatening. However, the environment and people can suffer from them in the long term.

Why should you use health cosmetic glitter?

Better for health

You can find many different cosmetic and body care products. From shower gels and shampoos to creams and lotions to deodorants and make-up. Most people who maintain at least a normal level of personal hygiene use many different products on a daily basis. All of these products can contain health-problematic ingredients that can pass through the skin and even into the bloodstream.

Since natural cosmetic glitter does not contain harmful substances, you do not expose yourself to this risk when using products with a natural cosmetics seal.

Better for the environment

Microplastics are becoming a bigger and bigger problem because these tiny plastic particles are getting everywhere due to their small size. In the meantime, microplastics have also been detected in groundwater or various animal products such as milk or honey.

Microplastics can be found in many scrubs or dental care products, but also in glitter. The use of microplastics in natural cosmetics is prohibited. You are not only doing nature a favour, but also your health in the long term.

Good for skin and haircosmetic glitter

Perhaps you have already experienced that natural cosmetic cleaning products foam less. Many people then feel less clean, which is why they switch back to conventional products. But there is a reason. Conventional products contain many foaming chemical ingredients. These make for a great lather, but not much else. In fact, natural cosmetic products are often gentler on skin and hair, precisely because of the lack of these substances. What foams a lot usually also dries out a lot. The fine foam washes away even the last bit of the protective layer of fat on your skin, which can irritate you in the long term.

Natural cosmetics are good for the environment and your own health. Because the market has grown so rapidly worldwide lately, there is a wide range of products in all price ranges and for all skin types. Furthermore, natural cosmetics are becoming more and more similar to conventional cosmetics in terms of consistency, appearance and application, but without the negative consequences.