Investment Management for Health

CommerceHealthcare offers a unique viewpoint on healthcare payment products, with an emphasis on collections, transactions, and financing. We deliver to the healthcare business cutting-edge banking technologies and best practices. These solutions assist suppliers in streamlining their financial procedures, optimizing income and transactions, and increasing working capital. It is not easy to manage the financial complexity of healthcare.

Managing Medical Accounts receivable

Accelerate your online payments while focusing on recoveries. Our products work in tandem with your traditional income cycle system to improve remittance processing and verification for healthcare and customer reimbursements. Whenever received a call from Business in 2016, the institution had been looking for a stronger longer repayment alternative lacking results.

Finance Receivable for Healthcare

Electronic payment processes that are computerized are improving how suppliers handle contracts and customer reimbursements. Improve your accounts payable division by eliminating all residual paperwork procedures while establishing new or complementary income streams. Your company needs a unique loan and cash handling helps identify to the healthcare sector.

Patient Funding

Patient funding should be simple for both patients and staff. CommerceHealthcare offers novel approaches to patient loans that result in a simple patient experience and a highly automated reconciliation process for your revenue cycle team.