Choosing the Right Safety Razor : Some Quick Tips for Beginner Shavers

The performance of a safety razor is not so much on the brand or the make of the shaving device but on certain factors that make the blade safe for the user. A beginner for one, will look for a safety razor with a mild blade that most consumers rate as extremely easy to use.

However, if a beginner has thick hair, it’s important to pair the mild blade with a non-aggressive type of razor. Moreover, a beginner has to do some research to decide whether the best option for him is to practice dry or wet shaving. Moreover, the matter of having a steady or unsteady wrist is another consideration. All these seem to make choosing the right shaving tools, a complicated task.

Below are some quick starter tips for beginner shavers to consider, when in the process of choosing the right safety razors and blades to use.

Standard Razor for Beginners

A mild razor with a safety bar that is scalloped or rounded will give a beginner shaver a better experience over a razor with a straight safety bar. The scalloped bar has flutes or grooves that get more hair into the blade to allow for a better shave; especially if the user’s skin is still sensitive to razor shaving.

Another reason why a beginner is less likely to go wrong with a mild razor with a scalloped bar is that newbie shavers tend to have thinner hair at the start. That and the fact that beginners still have unsteady hands, will make this type of razor more safe and easier to use. Mainly because the less exposed blade is not as daunting as the razor with the exposed straight safety bar.

Choosing a Razor for Beard Shaving

Those who have advanced to the practice of growing and grooming a beard also have to consider certain factors when choosing the right safety razor and bar features. Here, a shaver who has to deal with thick and coarse beard hair would be better off with a razor that has a wider space between the razor head and the blade bottom.

The better choice is a razor with a comb instead of a straightforward scalloped safety bar. Another factor is the aggressiveness of the comb since the latter is essential in allowing beard hair to be directed into the blade.

Closed Comb – If a user has to deal with coarse hairs, choose a razor with comb. The Closed Comb is the better option as there is still a safety bar guarding the blade. Nevertheless, bear in mind that these types of razors are better and safer to handle if the user has more experience with shaving.

The Open Comb razor has no safety blade bar, denoting that blades aligned with the comb teeth are completely exposed. The open comb merely functions as a guide for getting hair into the shaving blades. That being the case, the head is aggressive enough to be able to deal with abundant, thick and usually, long and coarse beard hair.