Post Lip Tattoo Care Tips

Lip Tattoo

The duration of a lip tattoo directly depends on the pigment used, the Rh factor and blood type, the skin structure, and the climatic conditions of the patient. An important role is played by the care after the procedure. There are a number of rules and restrictions that must be followed. Otherwise, the colors will begin to fade and the lips will return to their original color. Consider the main aspects in the right order.

Practical lip care

Within 1-2 weeks after the tattoo, the lips are swollen, which is why many women have difficulty with care. It is important to understand that healing procedures increase the chance of becoming a happy owner of a smooth contour.

  1. Wash your face with filtered, slightly warm (not hot and not icy!) Water. Such movement helps to avoid the formation of microtrauma, cracks, and pigment leaching. For three days after tattooing, it is advisable not to wet the lips at all, but this rule is difficult to observe. Above all, do not use running water to avoid bacteria. In addition, no foreign objects, dirt, or dust must get into the surface of the lips and into the area around them.
  2. In the first 2-3 weeks after permanent makeup, you should refuse to bathe in fresh and salty springs. Do not visit the pool, or sauna, and bath until the swelling falls from your lips. Do not mechanically affect the skin of the lips (peeling, mask, etc.), and do not sunbathe in the sun or in the solarium. Athletes are advised to switch to a less intense training cycle.
  3. An important feature of lip care is the preparation of a proper diet. Do not eat too spicy, salty, or fatty, cook diet foods with steam and minimal spice additive. Heat the food to the optimal temperature, it should not burn the top layer of the dermis. It is also necessary to refrain from alcoholic beverages and, if possible, reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. Drink more liquid through a straw, and freshly squeezed juices (no citrus fruits).
  4. In any case, do not peel off the crust that occurs at the time of healing. Otherwise, it turns out that the lip color is uneven. A correction is required. The skin will begin to itch, be patient. After 3-5 days, it’s all over. Do not wipe your lips with wet or paper towels or a towel to prolong the healing time.
  5. If possible, try not to bite the lips, do not kiss or do it carefully. Lubricate your lips with a regenerating ointment or an oily baby cream before brushing your teeth so that the paste does not attack the skin. After the procedure, re-feed the ointment.
  6. Do not use means for rapid healing, otherwise, the pigment will be absorbed unevenly. Choose a panthenol-based cream or a pure product. Pay attention to balms that contain vitamins of groups A, B, E, and D and are sold in pharmacies. The frequency of treatment of lips with healing ointments varies between 3 and 5 times a day. The product must be applied generously.

If you notice a rash, irritation, severe itching, or other abnormal reaction, call the master and consult him. Maybe you start an allergic reaction to one of the possible medications, or the epidermis rejects pigments.


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What to do if herpes occurs after tattooing the lips?

After the permanent make-up with the master, ask how to properly care for the skin of the lips and the area around them. There are frequent cases when happy owners of a clear outline clutch their heads at the sight of herpes that has appeared. As you know, this virus is found in the blood of 88% of people. When the top layer is damaged, the virus breaks out and affects the surface of the skin.

There is a connection between neoplasm and tattooing: when the infection increases, it eats all the pigment that was previously applied. To avoid the consequences, experienced craftsmen prescribe a course with preventive drugs.

You can strengthen your immune system yourself immediately after the procedure. To do this, it is enough to use green vegetables and fruits, freshly squeezed juices (carrots, cabbage, citrus fruits), tea with a small amount of lemon juice, and honey.

The disease is treated with antiviral drugs, which are available in the form of capsules, tablets, ointments, etc. Prefer the active ingredients that contain acyclovir. You can use the product in its pure form (ointment of the same name).

In cases where herpes is at an advanced stage, it is recommended to take the drug in tablet form. To find out the dose and duration of the course, contact your doctor.

If the virus was noticed in time, you will be given a topical ointment, which will be dispensed without a prescription. The creams “Valaciclovir” and “Valtrex”, “Zovirax”, “Gerpevir” have proven themselves.

Experts recommend taking antiviral drugs, even if herpes has not occurred. This is how you prevent infections, kill bacteria and undergo prophylaxis.

How to remove edema after tattooing the lips

Don’t panic if you have swelling right after the procedure. This function persists for 3-5 days, as a result of which the lips first become hard and then softer.

There are common cases when the swelling of the lips does not subside, but increases. In such situations, do not delay treatment, see antihistamines. They normalize the water-salt balance and remove excess fluid.

Proven drugs include Tavegil, Suprastin, and furosemide, which are available in tablet form.

Also, the repeated application of hydrocortisone ointment during the day is not inappropriate. An analog of the cream is a compress based on dexamethasone eye drops. Moisten the cotton in the composition and then apply it to the lips.