Trends and Opportunities in the Health and Wellness Industry

To speculate on potential lucrative ventures in the health and wellness industry is an interesting prospect right now. The wellness business is currently worth $4.5 trillion, and the Worldwide Wellness Institute reports that it is expanding at a rate that is unprecedented in human history.

Increased Focus on Health Issues

Consumer demand has been propelled by both an increase in general health and wellness consciousness and greater availability of knowledge about the advantages of a plant-based diet. The past ten years have seen a digital revolution in the fitness industry, lowering the cost of and expanding the availability of training programs and personal trainers.

The Millennials

Younger generations’ disposable income has been a major factor in the growth of the vegan market. Sixty-three percent of millennials, according to a recent survey conducted by YouGov and Whole Meals Market, are actively making an effort to increase their consumption of plant-based foods.

The Possibility of Original Thought

Fast food giants which have realized the competitive advantage of offering vegan alternatives to their signature beef patties include Burger King and McDonald’s. Additionally, during the prestigious CES 2020 technology show, Impossible Burger, a market leader in the “fake meat” industry, unveiled its newest creation, Impossible Pork.